Moxy Hotel Warsaw Praga Koneser Center

The turn of 2017-2018 was a very busy time for us. Commissioned by BBI Development and the general contractor ERBUD, we faced the complicated subject of making the brick facades of the MOXY hotel in Warsaw

The Moxy Hotel Warsaw Praga got a beautiful brick facade from us.

Our next clinker facade completed, the MOXY Hotel on the Koneser Center in Warsaw’s Praga district. As usual, a big masonry challenge, time pressure and strict supervision from the general contractor Erbud, with whom we had the pleasure of realizing a few years earlier the reconstruction of historic buildings in
Koszyki Hall
in Warsaw’s Śródmieście district. The topic is important not only in terms of investment, but also socially, as the Koneser Praga Center was supposed to culturally revitalize this part of the city by becoming a local recreational and cultural center. Implicitly, the complex as a whole was to combine the seemingly contradictory functions of housing, offices, recreation and education in one place. Thanks to the urban breakdown into individual buildings and separate squares, this plan succeeded perfectly. We, as a facade contractor, have already dealt with this complex during the development of the apartment building “Factory” from the side of the street. Bialystok, as well as during the restoration of the historic brick
fencing of the area of the former Koneser Vodka Factory
from the side of ul. Markowska.

Heavy masonry bread, or turning the architect’s flat drawings into three-dimensional reality. Here, a fairly flat brick wall pulses with ferias of patterns and brick rhythms. Brick “heads and carriages” where not where only tied, most of the time levitating freely in the air , but from what stainless steel, anchors and “murphors” not such ƒ “dragon” we can tame …. photo. Tom-Styl elevations.

Brick facades of the Moxy Hotel Warsaw Praga – when the best architectural detail becomes a brick thread.

Large cities and large investments have their own unique characteristics, because here not everything is obvious. Sometimes what is big pretends to be small, what is old is new, and what on the surface seems traditional is actually ultra-modern. The specific nature of the site and its historical richness made it necessary to preserve as much of the original brick structure of the complex as possible in order to maintain its historical value. Now that it has been implemented, it is clear how well the design succeeded in linking the old with the new to create a cohesive whole. Investors intend that the facility, which is being developed for the global Marriott chain, will maximize the attractiveness of the business and cultural heart of this part of the city, which is being created with great care. As usual, the bar is set very high. Architecture of the highest quality, the project is very complicated in terms of execution and extremely demanding for masons. This is how it should be, elegant and decorative, but also traditional and modern at the same time. And on top of that, the layout of the clinker bricks themselves has little in common with traditional masonry threads. Added to this are the peculiarly placed windows and the unusual way they are set into the plane of the facade. Such topics we like and appreciate. The investor and supervision is always very demanding, and for our part we do our best to get the job done perfectly as usual.

The free rhythm of the dancing clinker corner in our performance. Brick threads without battens are increasingly popular in our industry, and interestingly their apparent limpness does not affect the structural rigidity of the entire facade. What appears to be a self-supporting system is in fact a powerfully reinforced structure additionally supported by a solid substructure for support. photo. Tom-Styl elevations.

Clinker facades and steel are the main architectural themes of the “Koneser” Prague Center

The “Moxy” hotel is a modern institution that is the hotel chain’s answer to the demand of customers looking for comfortable accommodations within walking distance of the city center. Facilities with modern customized form and function with full multimedia accessibility. Modern and homely, all in an atmospheric setting of red clinker brick and glass allowing the urban space to freely penetrate the industrial interiors. The lump of the hotel provides the interiors with plenty of functional interior space and excellent room lighting.

Perfectly orchestrated structure of glass, modern steel and “intricately woven brick facade” This theme was a huge execution challenge for us, as each section of the wall was a separate brick story. photo. Tom-Styl facades

Excellent brick facades on another building in the complex of the former Warsaw Vodka Factory “Koneser”.

On our side, as usual, it was left to build excellent clinker facades on the raw concrete walls. Three main motifs stand out in the multifaceted masonry of the walls, decorated only with an artistic arrangement of bricks. The first one visible from afar is the rhythmic vertical and horizontal stripes of masonry from the Brick laid in the so-called. roll. The other is sections of the walls made of clinker brick without any bond of bricks simply stacked on top of each other. The third was the complete lack of an even rhythm of successive levels of bricks resulting from the laying of adjacent layers of bricks, once horizontally, once vertically. And it was these elements, along with the need to keep the window lintel consoles perfectly level, that posed the biggest coordination challenge for us. And then there were the aforementioned bricks, whose dimensional tolerance was far from what any builder would consider acceptable. We managed, although it was not easy. Fortunately, we were working with entrusted material so it was enough to arrange this imperfect brick in such a way that the wall looked perfect. And, as usual, you can admire the effects in person at the Praga Koneser Center.

by Adam Poojewski