We know all about brick

We have specialized in clinker face masonry for more than twenty years.

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We know all about brick

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- We provide the service of facing facades with high-quality clinker tiles from reliable suppliers. We lay façade tiles in any masonry threads (all known threads typical of traditional masonry, as well as experimental threads, which, of course, affects the final price per square meter of the completed façade). We can make the corners of tiled facades using corner tiles or butt joints. We absolutely do not make ground corners, because this solution does not work in the long term. NOTE: We do not make facades faced with elastolite tile.
- We are specialists in fast, precise and clean installation of clinker tiles on ready-made polystyrene substrates finished with a layer of adhesive with embedded mesh. The clinker tile is laid on a perfectly flat and level thermal insulation substrate prepared for us (polystyrene foam or mineral wool, rock wool, etc.). Insulation boards must be glued to the wall over the entire surface, and additionally fixed with metal studs (a minimum of 5 studs per m2 of facade, studs additionally compacted at the edges of the facade). The studding should be done only after the insulation layer is cured with a layer of adhesive reinforced with elastic mesh (two layers at the edges of the openings), remembering to grout the pressure plates with adhesive. Thus prepared, our team can safely finish the substrate with clinker tiles. If warranted, we also install façade tiles on single-layer walls, on the uniform even walls drawn with the appropriate mortar. After tiling in a separate process, we perform grouting in the color chosen by the investor (tinted grout).
- We perform wall facing with machine-made, hand-formed and concrete clinker bricks. In addition to decorative face masonry, the scope of work we perform includes the installation of vertical thermal insulation (mineral wool with veil, polystyrene), laying horizontal moisture insulation (traditional waterproofing membranes laid dry and modern EPDM glued on sealing compounds), we also perform the installation of wall support and anchoring substructure systems and filling system expansion joints with expansion tapes. We install lintels with any arrangement of bricks (horizontal threads, vertical threads, slanted, extended and withdrawn). We make decorative or crowning cornices on the facade, decorative knee walls and decorative masonry accents (openwork walls and brick mosaics with bricks extending in front of the face of the wall, as well as beamless systems reinforced with stainless steel masonry). After masonry in a separate process, we perform grouting in the color chosen by the investor (colored grout).
- We can build a brick façade from any starting level, be it the ground level or from any floor. We also perform masonry so-called. pressure (starting) walls from the level of the footings, which in this case provide a stable base for the execution of face masonry with decorative facade bricks. In the special case when it is not possible to make starting walls, it is possible to make a brick façade based on a steel support substructure, which will transfer the weight of the façade to the reinforced concrete tops and structural walls of the building. Similarly, we can do the masonry of any part of the facade on any floor of the building, in which case we rest the brick wall on a stainless steel support structure each time.

In our work, we use only brand-name adhesives and grouting compounds from reliable suppliers. We use only proven, tested products. Each facade material has different technological requirements, so it remains on our side to decide on the components for brick and clinker tile. We work on our own and entrusted materials, as long as they are approved by us. We do not use façade materials from an uncertain source, cheap "market" mortar products of unknown origin, or out-of-date and improperly stored products (damaged, caked and soggy).

- It is customary to make the final settlement on the basis of an as-built protocol made on the basis of as-built measurements of the facade measured after the grouted surface. In addition, facade corners and glyphs (in the case of tiling) are accounted for. Window openings of less than 1m2 are not subtracted from the area of the completed facade. The basic rate is increased for non-standard work (openwork masonry, cornices, faults and façade breaks). We allow billing based on a lump sum, but in this case it is necessary to have accurate detailed detailed design documentation as a basis for estimating the area of the facade (in case of changes in the design, the lump sum rate is also subject to change).

- All of our employees have the appropriate safety and height training, for work on scaffolding. We have our own professional facade scaffolding that we can use for our facade work. Billing for the supply, installation, lease and dismantling of scaffolding is accepted per square meter of scaffolded facade. Of course, we can use approved scaffolding from the investor or general contractor.

- On each of our elevation projects we create our own technical and social facilities. We use our own residential and storage containers, which we deliver to the construction site with our own transport. What we need from the developer is the provision of water for technical purposes and electricity to power power tools and construction winches attached to scaffolding.