Decorative masonry fences


In our construction practice, we also come across topics that are not quite typical, requiring a lot of skill in masonry work. Decorative solid brick fences are only a small part of our business, but they require much more effort and care from our builders. Repeated modules of posts and span walls determine the dimensional coordination of successive fence fields, for the reason that each element must be repeated according to the accurately accounted for design. Every brick that appears in the masonry puzzle of the fence has its exact place, every bond is carefully designed, every protruding cornice and undercut on the front of a hand-built post is carefully accounted for so that it is perfectly in line with the adjacent repetitive fence elements.


In the case of this particular project, the architectural and construction project agreed with the Warsaw office of the Conservator of Monuments assumed the restoration of a fragment of the historic fence of the complex of buildings of the former Koneser Vodka Factory. The state of preservation of some of the spans made it possible to take an architectural inventory and make a perfect replica of the fence with new brick (unfortunately, in many cases the old brick did not survive). So once again we had the undoubted pleasure of masonry with new brick styled with decorative molded historicism. You can admire the effect of our work at ul. Białostocka enclosing the Praga Koneser Center complex from the west. And the slight efflorescence that appears on the fence bricks is a natural process resulting from the chemical reaction that occurs in traditional mortar during setting.

elaborated: Adam Powojewski

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